Billing & Refund Policy

For Restaurants (Meal Minion Account Holders)

Suspension & Billing Policy:

If a restaurant neglects to fulfill subscription fees, both the platform and its services will promptly become inaccessible for the restaurant and its customers until outstanding payments are settled. Our invoices are consistently generated on the 1st of each month, accompanied by a grace period of 7 days. Failure to settle dues within this timeframe results in automatic platform lockdown, restricting all access until payments are rectified. For mid-month subscriptions, the initial invoice is prorated to align with the billing cycle starting on the 1st of every month. It's important to note that any missed days or time due to this restriction will not be refunded.

Billing is done in advance, while some addons/fees charged based on usage will be invoiced at the end of each month and included in the subsequent invoice.

Returns & Refunds

Meal Minion does not offer refunds for its services. Restaurants have the flexibility to discontinue their accounts at any time without restrictions. Charges are made in advance, and any remaining balance will not be refunded. Restaurants will retain access to their accounts until the end of their billing cycle.


Restaurants have the option to cancel their subscription at any time.

For End Users

Returns & Refunds

Meal Minion does not offer any refunds as the product delivery, handling or production is not in the control of Meal Minion. Meal Minion is merely just a facilitator, by providing a platform for restaurants (Vendors) to be able to sell directly to the customers (Users) in a commission free method.

All orders placed through the Meal Minion platforms or infrastructure are solely between the User and the Vendor. Meal Minion may play a role in mediating between the Vendor and the User incase of a dispute if Meal Minion chooses too, with no obligation.

By using our platforms, users agree to contact the Vendor only in regards of refunds, concerns, issues and/or cancellations and agree to not hold Meal Minion liable.


Cancellations may be possible based on restaurant discretion. Customers (Users) are advised to communicate directly to the restaurant (Vendor) for any any cancellations and disputes regarding orders.

Ultimately it is up to the restaurant (Vendor) if they are willing to accept the cancellation.

This policy is effective as of Feb 22, 2024.