Meal Minion Point of Sales Solution

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User Friendly

The Point of Sales software was created with cashiers in mind. Giving them quick access to all of the tools without disrupting their everyday operations.



Meal Minion Toolbar allows cashiers to conviniently configure order type, view open and closed orders, manage petty expenses, customer credit accounts, manage tables and more.


Minion Search

The search bar allows cashiers to quickly search through products and categories.


Category Navigator

The Category Navigator allows cashiers to jump between categories to sort products.


Product Grid

Cashiers use the product grid to select and configure products ordered.


CRM Integration

The Meal Minion Point of Sales is integrated with Meal Minion's customer relationship management system. Allowing cashiers to easily add, edit and view customers. Cashiers can attach customers to orders to automatically apply loyalty programs and create customer activity history.


Ticket Screen

The Ticket Screen gives an overview of the products within an order.



Cashiers use the Taskbar to complete orders, send them to the kitchen, apply discounts, tax exemptions and more.

Point of Sales

Smart Checkout

Meal Minion's smart checkout system allows cashier to close their day/till. While automatically detecting and notifing owners of cash mishandling and day overviews.

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Customer Credit Accounts

Have regular customers with tabs? Meal Minion lets you automatically manage credit accounts. Detailing all transactions in one place, allowing you to easily sell to your regular customers on credit basis and charging them later.

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Expense Management

The Meal Minion POS provides cashiers with access to the Petty Expense Management tool. Allowing cashiers to easily record petty trasactions made from the cash till and adjusting checkout requirements on the go.

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Meal Minion's Point of Sales is accessible through the Meal Minion Dashboard. Simply login to your account, head over to Sales Channels and select POS.

Meal Minion's POS is available through Google Chrome browsers on mobile devices, computers, laptops and tablets. Meal Minion requires an active Internet Connection to operate.

The POS has the Meal Minion's Customer Relationship Management System integrated. Allowing you to manage customers, attach customers to orders, view credit account statements, automatically apply loyalty programs and more!

The Order's Cart on the Toolbar allows cashiers to jump between all open and closed tickets. You can open unlimited number of tickets at the same time and jump back and forth between tickets.

Meal Minion is a cloud based system, meaning regardless of the state of your device, your data is secure in the cloud. Even if your computer crashes, you can simply jump on another device and resume operations as if nothing happened!

Meal Minion's smart checkout system tries to prevent cash mishandling. Incase it does happen, Meal Minion automatically notifies the owners of it!

The POS keeps track of all activity on the Point of Sales system. Every time a cashier deletes an item and/or order it is recorded. When the cashier checks out, the cashier's statistics are available to the owner to review.

When an online order is placed through an integrated online ordering mechanism, such as Meal Minion's Restaurant Mobile Apps, Website and Ordering plugin. The cashiers are notified directly within the POS and have the ability to accept/reject orders.

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