Frequently Asked Questions

Meal Minion Accounting comes with predefined accounts and lets you create as many accounts as you would like.

Meal Minion lets you conveniently manage your books on a per location basis. With Global and Location based accounts you can bifurcate your data.

Meal Minion worked with expert accountants to determine and create financial statements. Each account type has been specifically linked to the financial statements so you don't have to worry about it.

Yes! Meal Minion lets you choose date ranges.

Meal Minion's Automatic Accounting manages your books without any outside input. As you perform tasks on Meal Minion, the system automatically generates accounts, create journal entries and more.

The Meal Minion Dashboard is your restaurant's cloud back office. The dashboard gives you access to all of Meal Minion's tools and features such as POS, Reports, Accounting, Inventory, Menu and more.

You can go access the Meal Minion Dashboard by logging in here or by visiting the following link: The Meal Minion Dashboard is available on any internet enabled device through a web browser. For best compatibility, we recommend using Google Chrome.

Yes! Meal Minion Dashboard and all of Meal Minion's services support multiple locations. Data will be displayed according to the selected locations.

Yes! Meal Minion has a powerful access control system. There are 3 primary tiers of access controls:
1) Package Access Control
2) Location Access Control
3) Rights Access Control

The system first detects what package you are subscribed to, based on that services and functionalities are allotted to your account. Then the system detects which locations you have currently selected and have rights to. Finally, the system detects the right group the account has access to. Based on all 3 paramters the system determines what a user may or may not do. You can customize right control according to your liking and provide each staff with access to features you prefer.

Meal Minion is extremely secure and uses industry leading practices and technologies to secure all restaurant data. Data from restaurants is stored separately and can not be accessed by another restaurant. To be able to access data, users must be logged in and will only gain access according to their account and restaurant.

Meal Minion has multiple safety features when it comes to data protection. All data is backed up every 15 minutes in 3 different locations in the world. Incase of data loss, the system automatically kicks in one of its backup servers to ensure minimal data loss.

The Meal Minion dashboard is the heart of the platform and is available in all subscription packages.

Meal Minion Dashboard is available for all devices, computers, laptops and tablets with internet capabilities and a web browser. We recommend using Google Chrome to access Meal Minion Dashboard for optimal compatibility.

If you don't have an attendance machine, Meal Minion lets you clock in using the Dashboard. No extra hardware is required for employees to mark their attendance.

You can set preferences for the digital clock in. Such as Location restriction, password requirement and image capture. When these security preferences are in place, employees would be required to fulfill these requirements to be able to clock in.

Meal Minion lets you create Fine, Overtime, Coverup and Tax profiles. These profiles can be attached to employees to manipulate their pay slips. You can set preferences for each profile and create as many as you'd like.

Meal Minion lets you integrate your attendance machine to sync clock ins. Depending on the type of machine you can let Meal Minion automatically sync data or upload files.

You will require an internet enabled and API compatible attendance machine. Meal Minion recommends using ZKTeko machines. You will also require a dedicated IP for Meal Minion to access, with appropriate ports forwarded and an internet connection.

Meal Minion lets you upload a PDF letterhead. Meal Minion will then use that as the background for the pay slip.

Meal Minion's Real Time Restaurant Inventory Management is included in the Silver Tier. However, if you would also like to be up-to-date with costing, you should get the Gold tier.

Semi-Finished Goods/Composite Items are ingredients which require other ingredients. For example, your restaurant sells Pizza. The sauce you use in the pizza is made in house and requires other ingredients. We call these ingredients Semi-Finished Goods. By entering the recipe for these ingredients, all you have to do is create prep sheets every time the ingredient is prepared. Meal Minion will automatically adjust stock levels.

Prep Sheets are created every time a Semi-Finished Good is produced. For example, you create 2 Liters of Pizza Sauce. Once you enter the Prep Sheet, the System will automatically deduct ingredients used in creating 2 Liters of Pizza Sauce. It will then increase the stock levels of Pizza Sauce with 2 Liters.

Yes! Demand Notes can be generated with other locations as the vendor.

Inventory breakdown's list every time a stock was manipulated. Meal Minion keeps track of each individual transaction and lists it for you.

Yes Meal Minion uses the FIFO (First In, First Out) method to manipulate stock levels. However, ingredient costing is based on an average price for the specified period.

Meal Minion gives you access to product, deal, category and addon costing. Giving you insights into how much each individual ingredient cost you to produce and how much it was sold for.

Yes! When creating your loyalty program and/or adding your menu, you can configure which products it applies to.

Yes you can configure availability dates and times for discounts.

Yes, You can limit how many times a discount can be used overall as well as per customer.

Loyalty programs such as coupons and deals have optional registration, however, programs like reward points, discount programs and punch cards require customer accounts to be created.

Yes all loyalty programs are available online and in store. You can however, control the sales channels to limit availability.

Meal Minion App Ordering, Ordering Plugin and Restaurant Website come as addons. You can checkout the pricing here. Simply select the addons you want and add them to your subscription total, or use the pricing calculator to calculate your total monthly costs.
Unlike subscription packages, which cost on a per branch basis, Meal Minion addons have a flat monthly fees, regardless of number of branches.

Absolutely Not! We want restaurants to take control of their online presence. Our online ordering solutions are completely 100% commission free, so you get to keep all the profits.

Yes you can. Our Easy-to-use builders let you customize the look and feel of your ordering plugin. Customize away and make your Ordering Plugin feel like your restaurant!

Yes! Our App builders let you customize the entire look and feel of your mobile apps. Almost all changes, except for splash screen, are done in real-time so that you can instantly see how your apps look to your customers!

The Meal Minion website builder lets you visually and easily customize your restaurant's theme. We are always adding new themes to our builder so that your website looks exactly how you want it to!

Meal Minion already supports various payment gateway integrations. If you want to bring your own, we can certainly add it for you!

Yes, the Meal Minion menu builder lets you choose sales channels for your categories, products and menus. So you can choose exactly what to offer customers.

Online order notifications come directly to your POS and the Meal Minion Restaurants App. You can choose to customize the deliverability of notifications too!

Yes, Meal Minion lets you accept or reject online orders. Giving you full control over which orders you want to serve.

Yes, There are 3 ways Meal Minion lets you configure delivery areas:
1) Delivery Radius - You can set the distance you are willing to serve from your branch.
2) Delivery Zone - You can create delivery zones on the map to choose areas you are serving
3) Delivery Distance - You can set the distance by roads.

You can configure each of these for each branch and Meal Minion will intelligently distribute orders and display menus according to the serving branch.

Meal Minion's Point of Sales is accessible through the Meal Minion Dashboard. Simply login to your account, head over to Sales Channels and select POS.

Meal Minion's POS is available through Google Chrome browsers on mobile devices, computers, laptops and tablets. Meal Minion requires an active Internet Connection to operate.

The POS has the Meal Minion's Customer Relationship Management System integrated. Allowing you to manage customers, attach customers to orders, view credit account statements, automatically apply loyalty programs and more!

The Order's Cart on the Toolbar allows cashiers to jump between all open and closed tickets. You can open unlimited number of tickets at the same time and jump back and forth between tickets.

Meal Minion is a cloud based system, meaning regardless of the state of your device, your data is secure in the cloud. Even if your computer crashes, you can simply jump on another device and resume operations as if nothing happened!

Meal Minion's smart checkout system tries to prevent cash mishandling. Incase it does happen, Meal Minion automatically notifies the owners of it!

The POS keeps track of all activity on the Point of Sales system. Every time a cashier deletes an item and/or order it is recorded. When the cashier checks out, the cashier's statistics are available to the owner to review.

When an online order is placed through an integrated online ordering mechanism, such as Meal Minion's Restaurant Mobile Apps, Website and Ordering plugin. The cashiers are notified directly within the POS and have the ability to accept/reject orders.