Loyalty and Marketing

Loyalty made simple.

Create loyalty programs that work both in-store and online to increase repeat orders and target dormant customers.

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Loyalty That


Coupon Codes

Create dynamic coupon codes and configure to your taste.



Meal Minion lets you create simple or complex deals.



Create comps to offer discounts to certain clientele. Such as Students, Officers, Employees.


Reward Points

Customize how customers are rewarded with points to redeem discounts at your restaurant.


Discount Programs

Give your regulars a discount for being loyal customers.


Punch Cards

Digital Punch Cards are sure to help you increase customer return rates.

Loyalty Programs

Automated Discounts

Meal Minion's POS and online ordering solutions automatically provide customers with discounts from their loyalty programs.

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Customer Analytics

Dive deep into your customers with Meal Minion's Customer Analytics. Giving you better insight into how your customers are interacting with your restaurant.

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Marketing Campaigns

Take advantage of Meal Minion's automated marketing campaigns to bring back dormant customers and build better bonds with active ones.

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Marketing Integrations

SMS, Email & Push Notifications

Meal Minion lets you run SMS, Email & Push Notification campaigns to engage with customers.

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Yes! When creating your loyalty program and/or adding your menu, you can configure which products it applies to.

Yes you can configure availability dates and times for discounts.

Yes, You can limit how many times a discount can be used overall as well as per customer.

Loyalty programs such as coupons and deals have optional registration, however, programs like reward points, discount programs and punch cards require customer accounts to be created.

Yes all loyalty programs are available online and in store. You can however, control the sales channels to limit availability.

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