Human Resources & Payroll

Build a
better team.


Staff Management

Easily manage staff data, access control, salaries, and performance.



Assign shifts to staff and let Meal Minion's automated payroll do the rest!



Manage employee allowances such as Food, Travel, Holiday, Phone and more.



Set Fine, Overtime, Coverup and Tax profiles to automate the Meal Minion payroll.



Assign office holidays and allow staff to request holidays, all of which are reflected in the payroll.


Employee Loans

Meal Minion keeps track of all employee loans and repayments.



Easily manage all employee reimbursements for out of pocket expenses with Meal Minion.



Reward your employees with Bonuses and let Meal Minion update payroll.

HR & Payroll


Meal Minion's attendance system is secure, real-time and gives you an overview of your employees.

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Meal Minion's powerful payslips are completely customizable and automated. Intelligently accounting for fines, overtime, coverups, tax, bonuses, clock ins and outs to generate precise payslips.

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Meal Minion allows you to setup security preferences for your clock ins. Location, passwords and employee images to make sure your employees clock in only from the branch.

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If you don't have an attendance machine, Meal Minion lets you clock in using the Dashboard. No extra hardware is required for employees to mark their attendance.

You can set preferences for the digital clock in. Such as Location restriction, password requirement and image capture. When these security preferences are in place, employees would be required to fulfill these requirements to be able to clock in.

Meal Minion lets you create Fine, Overtime, Coverup and Tax profiles. These profiles can be attached to employees to manipulate their pay slips. You can set preferences for each profile and create as many as you'd like.

Meal Minion lets you integrate your attendance machine to sync clock ins. Depending on the type of machine you can let Meal Minion automatically sync data or upload files.

You will require an internet enabled and API compatible attendance machine. Meal Minion recommends using ZKTeko machines. You will also require a dedicated IP for Meal Minion to access, with appropriate ports forwarded and an internet connection.

Meal Minion lets you upload a PDF letterhead. Meal Minion will then use that as the background for the pay slip.

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